Coromandel Gold and nuclear-waste…

Herbs released this ‘no nukes’ single the same year David Lange smelt uranium, while debating nuclear weapons at the Oxford Union. The video mixes on-the-beach Pasifika dancing with shots of the band performing at Western Springs, and protests against US nuclear warships and submarines visiting Kiwi waters. DIY visual effects show the band looming over […]


Random Selections

 Looks like I am being a Rocky Mountain Ethnic Monster Clown again… by flickr random photograph selections sucked into my website. If you don’t set your widget correctly you’ll get unbusinesslike picture on your business website. Best set up a separate flickr account using flickr pro. Oh all the online cloud photo handling sites flickr still impresses me. […]


How do I evaluate my website?

Does your website have good quality? Every website owner should ask themselves is my site ok? If the answer to every question  below is yes, give yourself a big ole pat on the back.  Most websites have flaws for a number of different reasons, mostly related to the time website owners can put in or sometimes its a […]

Lawn Ornament Startup Team

GNOME PROJECT: I like this project as an example for a startups team photos. Cool idea how long before this is co-opted by a private company for team photo pics? People dont entirely trust gnomes so it couldnt be a doctors surgery or airline pilot. But I guess it would be ok if a gnome drove […]

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